For small to medium business it is more important to get your local business in front of interested consumers that live near by than it is to get a million people from around the world that have no access to your goods. It is also very important to own local search rankings for your services or products so consumers can find you easily and come visit you in your store or online. We work closely with you to create cost-effective campaigns that highlight your business philosophy, products, services and more to reach new customers locally and nationally.

Below is a list of the services that we provide to local businesses.

WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallContent Production

We work with you to find a cost effective way to make video content that is effective at highlighting your business philosophy, your products or services and more. We write, produce, edit and upload all the content to YouTube and social media with industry leading video search engine optimization and appropriate trackable calls-to-action. We also make micro content for Facebook and Instagram that works to engage your audience and convert to sales.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallSocial Video

Video production for social has an entirely different set of rules for viewers on Facebook and Instagram. We combine production of micro content with premium content production to get more bang for your buck. We follow up-to-date best practices to create multiple pieces of content to share via social media. We can even create a schedule of content yearly and react quickly to create micro content that relates relevant news

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallSocial Media

Our social media team has worked with the biggest brands in the world creating compelling content that is both relevant to their business and engaging to consumers. We use industry leading techniques combined with expert level advertising to generate likes, followers, click-throughs and more.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallSearch Engine Marketing

Beyond compelling video, a great social media presence and a stellar website is the most important of all. Search engine marketing. We work tirelessly to optimize your online video, social media and search marketing campaigns to infiltrate targeted search terms that local consumers are searching for when they are ready to make a purchase decision.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallMedia and Promotions

With over three billion users of video sharing and social media sites and almost every single connected person on the planet using search engines it makes sense for businesses to use highly effective paid search, social media paid advertising and video promotions to generate new audience and consumers of your products and services. Our team of media and promotions experts leverage their vast knowledge of paid media marketing to optimize campaigns for you that return a positive ROI.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallInfluencer Marketing

Our Influencer Marketing services are entirely different that what exists in the market today. We use our technology platform to search a database of over 15mm influencers that meet specific criteria related to your business and your potential consumer. Then we create relationships with dozens of influencers who will make videos about your products and services for the cost of product only. We manage the entire process from start to finish generating dozens of positive reviews for your company products and services that leads to more infiltration of popular search terms and more conversion to customers.

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