We know, your new music is incredible… more people need to hear it.. You have a decent following on social media but it could be much bigger. You wish the spins were up on your single and your music video is coming out in a few short days and you need to generate some buzz. Your music video release leads right into your media tour for your concert and you have lined up meetings with record labels. Our artist development services are proven to help build buzz for artists. Let us share your story with the world. Precog Media is your amplifier. Be heard!

WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallSingle Promotion

Is your single about to drop? We can help! Precog Media works with artists to make sure your new single appears on iTunes and all major streaming sites. We also make sure you have all the assets you need for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and we are even able to promote your single digitally to generate more spins, views and engagements. Our music industry pros open doors for your single to be heard.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallEPK Promotion

Similar to single promotion, EPK promotion (or mixtape promotion) involves developing multiple assets for social media and video sharing sites, distributing your music to all industry purchase mechanisms and streaming sites and promoting those assets over time in a tight campaign that build momentum for you as an artist.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallMusic Production

Our top level music industry pros have years of experience in A&R producing some of the biggest artists in the world. We have the studios, producers, vocal coaches and writers to help you birth your creative vision at the highest level.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallMusic Video Production

Precog Media team members have created some of the most iconic music videos of all time. Our list of directors represents the best the industry has to offer at all budget levels. We have the creative chops to create a compelling video that will generate buzz about you.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallSocial Video

Social video is defined as any asset created specifically for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. We work with you to create micro content that supports the launch of a music video, epk or full album making promotion of your music much more effective by reaching fans where they are most engaged.

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WaxSealsForWebsitePSmallAudience Development

Audience development is the act of generating new audience to your social media and video sharing sites. All over the industry, record labels are increasingly only considering new talent that already has a professional online presence with an engaged audience. We help you improve the perception of your music by optimizing your online presence and promoting your presence to generate more audience.

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