Great Communication Skills Are Key in the Workplace

Great communication skills are key in the workplace when you are trying to close a deal. Effective communication helps you shapes strong connections, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, close deals, and convince people to share your views. So what makes you an effective communicator? Just to start you must be able to explain complex ideas simply and clearly, speak in your own voice and tailor your message to your audience.

Below are 5 TED talks that touch on a wide range of communication, from what we say, how we say it, whom we say it to, and how comedy can be a delightful way to entertain people and convey important messages.

“Listen, Learn … Then Lead” by Stanley McChrystal

“The Power of Saying Thank You,” by Laura Trice

“The Danger of Silence” by Clint Smith

“10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation,” by Celeste Headlee

“Comedy is Translation,” by Chris Bliss

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