Carl’s Jr. is Changing Their Marketing Strategy. Goodbye Sexy Girls. Hello Quality Food.

Carl’s Jr. is dumping their hot chick advertising campaign and focusing on quality ingredients.

The new ad begins with Carl Hardee Sr. arriving to Carl’s Jr. headquarters to remove his son, Junior , who is responsible for the risqué ads of the restaurant’s past, from the helm of the company. He then goes in to his son’s office, removes the artwork, changes everything and goes on talking about how the story of Carl’s Jr. began.  “Hello friend. You know when I started this company it was about one thing, pioneering a new way of food.”

That’s exactly what they are doing. Food innovation will be the new marketing focus, taking the company back to its roots. The shift seems to come just at the right time, when the food chain was unable to comprehend the more socially conscious trend, with big brands such as Dove, Always, Microsoft and even GoDaddy embracing empowering messages for females.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 4.32.21 PM

The company had also been swept up in negative headlines after President Trump announced that his pick for Labor Secretary was Andy Puzder, CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardees parent CKE Restaurants. That inspired protests from CKE employees demanding a higher minimum wage rights and union rights. Mr. Puzder resigned as CEO in pursuit of the Labor Secretary post but withdrew before he could be confirmed.

But CKE Chief Marketing Officer Brad Haley said none of that drove the brand’s refresh. Rather, it was inspired by a number of key insights, he said. With the rebranding – which includes redesigned packaging, in-store menus, employee uniforms, a new logo, and a new slogan, “Pioneers of the Great American Burger” – Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s appear to be ushering in a new era.

At the end of the ad, Carl Hardee Sr. gets into an American classic car with his son. He then says “We have a great American thing we’re thinking up next. And that’s a promise.” Watch the full video.


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